Protest Song Exchange


11:30am-1pm, Sunday 6th February 2022


This is an exciting opportunity for musicians and others with an interest in current and historical protest to get together and share songs, music and knowledge. Hosted by Daedalus Theatre Company and The Black Smock Band as part of the Mobile Incitement project, and also connected with the storytelling project East, the session offers an open, creative space for cultural exchange and collaboration, and to develop new skills and ways of working.

This is paid professional development opportunity, not a public event. Places are limited. That said, do get in touch if you’re interested in taking part.


It’s primarily an in-person event, though people not able to get to London can join by Zoom. Toynbee Hall in Aldgate, East London, is very generously providing the space.


Participants will each be asked to share a song – ideally as a live performance, though video/audio is OK for any non-musicians taking part, or anyone unable to perform. There’ll then be time for the musicians present to learn some of each other’s songs, followed by an open discussion on the general topic of protest songs and their impact on current protests around the world.

If you’re bringing a song that other musicians might like to try, it may help to provide lyrics and chords, and even notation if you have it. We can print off copies if you send files to Paul by 5pm on Sat 5th.


The main aim of the event is to help creative people from different backgrounds and cultures meet and share knowledge. We also hope that it will help the Mobile Incitement team deepen their understanding of the role of music in protest.

Photo: The Black Smock Band at Deptford Pride, credit Dino Paciulli

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