Get involved

Participation is integral to our whole conception of how we make work. Sometimes this manifests itself in the way a performance engages meaningfully with its audience, sometimes it’s about co-creating work that transcends professional-community barriers, sometimes it’s simply about sharing what we’ve learned with other people, and learning from them in turn.


Sharing events – Chances for new people and regular collaborators alike to share their work. They’re free (we ask for a donation from those who can afford it), and a mix of scratch night, social event and open mic. We always announce them via the mailing list and Facebook page, so sign up and get involved!


Workshops – We’ve done workshops at secondary school and university level and we’re always keen to do more. Our most recent workshops have been around devising from research material but we can probably tailor-make a reasonably-priced session to meet your needs.


Storytelling workshops – These are part of East, our current project. If you live in, or have a strong relationship with, East London, please come along. Sessions are free and you get to learn storytelling skills from two extraordinary storytellers – Sef Townsend and Shamim Azad – and participate in public performances of East.


Research – We put a lot of effort into research and development, and a particular focus is the role of the audience. We also have a strong interest in the performer as her/himself within the context of each production. This has led us to some interesting areas and we’re always happy to talk or write about our work. There’s also a fascinating article about our work on A Place at the Table by Lynne Kendrick in Performance Research.

Jobs and Internships at Daedalus

Jobs – We don’t have any vacancies at the moment, as teams are in place for our current projects. We will post any jobs on this website and on other websites relevant to the work, such as Casting Call Pro, Stage Jobs Pro, Arts Jobs, etc. Acting roles will be chosen by audition, other roles by interview (and portfolio if relevant). We can’t respond to unsolicited CVs, showreels etc, but we do welcome people to be part of our wider community, so feel free to drop us a line informally, let us know what you’re up to, and come to some of our events.

Internships – Please note that we’re not equipped to take on interns and, anyway, we don’t believe in unpaid internships. However, when we make up teams for our projects we aim for a range of experience so newer practitioners can learn from more experienced ones while being properly paid. We may also take on students or recent graduates on a short-term unpaid basis if we can meet their need for a specific learning outcome.