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Dysbiosis: Call for Creative Practitioners

A paid opportunity to be part of an exciting new project!

We’re seeking a range of creative practitioners – from performers and theatre-makers to artists and filmmakers – to be part of making our next production. This is an opportunity to join the research and development process for a new theatre project exploring our relationship with nature. Dysbiosis (working title) will examine topics including the language we use to speak about nature, the Global North’s relationship to the natural world and queer ecology. It will also investigate greener ways of making theatre, partly building on the ideas of Ecostage.

We’re looking for practitioners to join us at Queens Theatre Hornchurch for part or all of the week of 27th March. We particularly encourage people from Outer East London and South Essex to apply. We’re interested in people from all backgrounds and at all stages of their professional careers, though experience in devising would be beneficial. We can pay artists £175 per day pro rata up to a maximum 5 days.


We had such a great week of R&D (radicalism & dissent), working on Gerrard Winstanley’s True and Righteous Mobile Incitement Unit with The Black Smock Band and Gerrard himself, who kindly joined us from the C17th.

A massive thank you to Ovalhouse. And thanks to the team: Alex Swift, Andy Bannister, Dan Cox, Maeve O’Neill, Matt Beattie, Paul Burgess, Rhiannon Kelly and Sarah Jeanpierre.

Things are taking shape. Lots more to come…



The Arches has closed

The Arches went into administration today. The press release with all the details is here.

This is terrible on a great many levels.

It means the loss of an incredible venue which kick-started a a huge amount of careers and provided a fantastic starting point for a great many companies (including us, as our first professional piece, Selfish, was an Arches commission). It’s a loss for Glasgow of course, and Scotland, and for UK arts touring. It’s also a blow to a whole model of working. The Arches was an exemplar of the idea that a venue could generate a commercial income and use that to fund brave and experimental work. But now we can see that such a fine balance is impossible without proper support and joined-up thinking from the authorities. It’s pretty shocking, really, that such a vital arts venue could be lost because of the intransigence of the Glasgow Licensing Board.

Alex provokes

Here’s a great provocation from This Thing Called Artist Development at Ovalhouse by Alex Swift.

The full title of the talk is “Samuel Beckett’s First Play Was Shit And It Took A World War For Him To Write A Good One (and he was 40 before he did) or Artist Development Programmes are a Form of Disciplining Reified Ideology Reflecting the Underlying Structures, Practices and Brutalities of the Late-Capitalist, Neo-Liberal Economic Base, And, You Know, That Can Fuck Off.”

It’s sort of about artist development but it’s also about, well, you know, the world. And stuff.