Dysbiosis: Creative Nature Exhibition

“Such beautiful conversations, and lasting connections made” – Exhibition Launch Attendee

Last month we launched the DYSBIOSIS: CREATIVE NATURE EXHIBITION in Rainham. Over four workshops, Rainham and Wennington locals of all ages came together to observe the nature around us and express their thoughts creatively and together. A selection of these artworks are now available to view as you ascend the stairs at the Royals Youth Centre.

Here is an extract of a poem written by Wennington resident and Change Maker Laurence:

Walk the path passed where the deceased now rest,
To the very end where the view is probably the best.

Here you will find the old metal gate,
Stop and ponder; the marshes are now a lake.

Across the marshes the drone from the A13,
Cars and lorries now coming and some have been.

This busy road lit up at night by many a street light,
Reflected off the still water such an absorbing sight.

Your senses and emotions have experienced something new,
Cherish the moment, these occurrences are far too few.

In these works we have discovered how varied our relationship with nature is. Many works evoke and appreciate nature in local green spaces, reveling in its hidden mystery which shines through at the edges of a global, metropolitan city. Other works consider the harm humans are causing the planet through plastic and pollution.

The exhibition is part of the longer-term DYSBIOSIS project, an exploration of nature with local residents in Havering and professional artists. Works from this project will add to a larger installation-performance next year. 

DYSBIOSIS: CREATIVE NATURE is curated by Tasnim Siddiqa Amin, produced by Daedalus Theatre Company in association with Rua Arts, and supported by Havering Changing, Queens Theatre Hornchurch and Arts Council England.

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