Out of Nothing


Out of Nothing is an investigation of our present as viewed from a future that no longer remembers. Our times must be pieced together by the performers and the audience from the debris left behind in what appears to be a time capsule. Technology seems mysterious and the boundaries between science and myth become blurred. Out of Nothing is also an investigation into installation and video art itself. How do objects take on powerful associations, what do they become if robbed of context and is there anything that is truly universal?

Out of Nothing was developed at the Gibberd Garden, Harlow, Essex and shown as ‘work-in-progress’ performances at Cambridge Drama Centre, supported by Arts Council England East’s Escalator Scheme and The Junction, Cambridge. The project has never been finished, but we still hope to do something with it.


Paul Burgess (director/designer), Sharon Cannings (performer), Alex Ferguson (assistant director), Martin Nicholls (associate video-maker and performer), Emma Richardson (performer), Ben Ridge (performer), Susan Worsfold (performer) and Katharine Williams (lighting designer)

Developed at The Junction, Cambridge, through the Escalator scheme.