East Voices: a preview

Thanks to our generous crowdfunders, we’ve made some great plans for East Voices, the next stage of our ongoing East storytelling project. We’re particularly excited to be partnering with BSK London and Numbi Arts to bring storytelling and story-sharing to an even wider range of people. The big idea behind East Voices is to test and then make available ways of working online, something we’ve never done with East outside of documenting our work on the East Archive. This approach allows us to continue doing our work of using stories to connect people and build bridges between communities, even as the pandemic drags on. That will all get underway soon. Watch this space!

In the meantime, lead artists Shamim Azad, Sef Townsend and Paul Burgess have made a preview video called How Do You Tell It? to say thanks to all everyone who donated to our fundraising campaign. It pairs two stories from different cultures that have some striking similarities, and also references Ekusher Gaan, a song written during the Bengali Language Movement and then adopted for International Mother Language Day. We hope you like it.

Partly as a thank you to our funders and partly as a way to celebrate our existing East storytelling family and welcoming new members, we have organised a preview event for How Do We Tell It this Friday 7-7:40pm on Zoom. We’ll be sharing the video, along with an intro and updates from our Shamim, Sef and Paul, plus Rua Arts producer Maeve O’Neill. Do please join us if you can. If you can’t make it, it’ll be available on our YouTube channel from Friday evening onward and then be added to the East Archive.

If you’re on our mailing list or one of our crowdfunders you should have been sent the Zoom link directly. Otherwise, please drop us a quick message and we’ll email it to you.

Hope to see you on Friday!

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