Gerrard Winstanley’s True and Righteous Mobile Incitement Unit

South London’s premier gay socialist folk band (probably) teams up with a C17th rebel to share the history of English protest and dissent. Come and find out what Gerrard Winstanley makes of England today…

Expect a song, a dance and maybe the start of the revolution!

Thanks to all who came to our Brixton City Festival shows at Ovalhouse and at the Festivals Hub in Brixton. If you didn’t manage to give us any feedback, please use this very short survey to do so.

Please tell the world about us, too. If you’re on social media the hashtag is #mobileincitement.

We’re now focused on the next stage of the project, which involves a residency at Queen Mary University of London to develop our participation programme with students and Tower Hamlets residents, followed by some more performances. We finish with a public performance at Poplar Union on 6th May. Details are here – please come along!

Performed and devised by the Black Smock Band (Andy Bannister, Matt Beattie, Paul Burgess & Dan Cox), Sarah Jeanpierre & Rhiannon Kelly using historical texts and songs, original songs from the band and new writing from Alex Swift and members of the company.

Directed by Paul Burgess
Mobile Incitement Unit designed by Andy Bannister
Project Management by Maeve O’Neill
Produced by Daedalus Theatre Company & Rua Arts
Commissioned by Ovalhouse
Supported by Queen Mary University & Design Trail Brixton

For more information and to book a performance at your venue please contact us.