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Our artistic director Paul has been going through old folders as it’s the 21st anniversary of the first Brasenose Summer Arts Festival – originally set up by the same generation of students who also founded the King’s Hall Trust for the Arts and Daedalus. Of course, he also came across old flyers for productions we did when Daedalus was a still a student company. It had very different aims then, as it was about scripted drama, but many of the same underlying values. Anyway, here are a selection!

Meanwhile, the festival, now called Brasenose Arts Week, is still going strong!

Daedalus-flyers-grimsson    Daedalus-flyers-ourman

Grimsson by David Szalay, directed by Paul Burgess, and Our Man by Daniel Clucas, directed by Joe Weedon. Both at the Burton-Taylor Theatre, Oxford,

Daedalus-flyers-yeats    Daedalus-flyers-rage

 A Yeats Double Bill, co-directed by Gareth Prior and Paul Burgess, and My Name is Rage, written and directed by Ching Fang. Both at Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Daedalus-flyers-everyman     Daedalus-flyers-f6

Everyman, a mediaeval morality play adapted and directed by Paul Burgess, and The Ascent of F6 by Auden and Isherwood, directed by Gareth Prior and Paul Burgess. Everyman was a Brasenose Arts Festival show which Daedalus then took to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The Ascent of F6 was initially shown at the Fringe but then brought to the Jude the Obscure pub in Oxford.

Daedalus-flyers-hardheart    Daedalus-flyers-uroboros

Our first and last productions before Daedalus started the process of becoming a professional company: A Hard Heart by Howard Barker, directed by Paul Burgess at Wadham Theatre, Oxford (the first) and Uroboros, devised by the company, directed by Su Squire and Paul Burgess, for Glastonbury Festival (the last).

You can read more about our company history here.

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