About us

Theatre’s medium is the human being. The powerful alchemy generated when a live, flesh-and-blood actor plays a role can enable a gathered audience to explore some of the darker, more obscure corners of human existence. It can also let us place conflicting narratives side by side and allow for a sophisticated idea of how truth works; an approach that reflects the complexity of human experience in the way a single, official version of events generally cannot. Theatre allows us to observe ourselves.

Daedalus is concerned with how theatre can engage with and enrich society. The company’s work has evolved into a long-term, ambitious and seamless project. This integrates the making of sophisticated research-based performances and working with individuals. The goal is to apply the tools company members have developed as theatre-makers in support of those without a voice and to investigate aspects of human activity that are ignored, misunderstood or avoided.

In practice this means that:

  • Daedalus offers theatre professionals a democratic and open space to make research-based, socially engaged theatre, based on the principle that form follows content;
  • It seeks to use its techniques wherever possible to enable the public to engage with the issues that affect them;
  • And it is committed to the principle that work in communities, research, education and the making of professional theatre pieces should be integrated and mutually supportive, constituting a single, constantly evolving project.

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