Sculptures available for sale and exhibition
Prices on application


"I Stood Still..."
maple 63 x 25 x 4.5cms


"He Who Plants Trees..."
limewood 193 x 51 x 7cms



"Still Glides the Stream..."
quotation from Wordsworth
limewood 192 x 25 x 7cms



"They Will Come Again..."
quotation from Laurence Binyon
limewood 134 cms high



"Aftercomers Cannot Guess..."
quotation from Gerard Manley Hopkins
oak 45 x 135 cms



Yardley Oak
quotation from William Cowper
oak 103 x 173 cms



"Oh If We But Knew..."
quotation from Gerard Manley Hopkins
walnut 59 x 114 cms



Wood Rides
quotation from John Clare
cherry on steel base 163 cms high



"Consider the Sea's..."
quotation from Dante Gabriel Rosetti
oak 83 x 148 x 20 cms



Morning Glory
wood 68 cms




How Lovely is the Silence...
Hopton Wood stone 95 cms high




Stone Flowing
limestone 17 x 28 x 8 cms



Marble Unfurling
marble on wood base 46 cms high



"They Will Come Again the Leaf and the Flower..."
Quotation from Binyon
Hopton Wood limestone 120 cms high


"Young Buds Sleep..."
Quotation from Keats
Hopton Wood limestone 30 cms high



Morning Glory Flower
Hopton Wood limestone 69cms high