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The Third Daedalus Sharing - 15th June at Gallery 223, Lambeth. More info on our events page.

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Reading Group - meets every one-and-a-half months. All welcome. Drop us a line to be kept up-to-date about books and meeting times.



East - an ongoing cross-cultural storytelling project for the people of East London







Daedalus Theatre Company is an artistic democracy that offers an open space for theatre-makers, experts from outside the industry and community members to make bold, research-based theatre, based around humanitarian values, that communicates directly with the public, and seeks to provide them with the tools to engage with wider issues.

Daedalus's previous projects include A Place at The Table, originally made at Camden People's Theatre and then at Southwark Cathedral and Amnesty International UK's Human Rights Resource Centre, and Selfish, originally comissioned by The Arches, Glasgow, then re-made for Camden People's Theatre.

"...a potent mix of poetry, song and dance soon knits this splintered narrative into something engrossingly complex and starkly beautiful... Its vision of communities founded on myths as fundamental and sustaining as the land is vividly reflected in director/designer Paul Burgess's stunning set... Packing a punch out of all proportion to its length, this production doesn't simplify the cultural fault-lines that were to crack catastrophically in Rwanda. Its un-showy cast bring to life with powerful immediacy the stories of those not able to speak for themselves, full of hurt, loss and hope."

- Time Out (4 stars, Critics' Choice) on A Place at the Table

"...a huge emotional momentum...a serious, true and compassionate feeling for the human condition in the image-driven age of Big Brother; and a deep musicality about the expression of that feeling that finally becomes irresistible."

- Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman on Selfish

Daedalus Theatre Company is a company limited by guarantee and registered in England & Wales
Company No: 7313013    Registered office: 106 Wilmot Street, London E2 0BT
Member of the Independent Theatre Council (ITC)


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